Saturday, July 25, 2009

Facebook | Revolutionise-the Law-society

Facebook Revolutionise-the Law-society: "Revolutionise-the Law-society Problem #1: CANNOT SECURE AN APPRENTICESHIP: The only people getting into Blackhall next year will have either a father or uncle solicitor to take them under their wing and into their firm, those of us who were not born into the golden circle however don't stand a chance. I know there are some exceptions but I'm referring generally to the rule here, not the exceptions."LIVING IN A BUBBLE CALLED THE"ELITEST MONOPOLY"?

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quentin said...

The Law Society sets aspiring solicitors the most frustrating barriers to entry. I am a law student who has spent a fortune, on fees, Fe1 grind schools, law society exams, rechecks etc. etc. Not only do you have to have 8 stressful exams done you must then try to find a lawyer to take you on in a recession to sign a contract which costs the guts of a grand to process. Its counterintuitive to take on a trainee when they are shedding staff accross the country in the thousands. So then one must face the fact if a solicitor doies sign the indenture you are faced with forking out the guts of 13k min for your education at Blackhall. This institution needs to change it's requirements because it has the potential to cause great anxiety for young graduates whose dreams are being dashed and it stays silent.

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