Monday, August 25, 2014

Mother-and-baby homes: Ireland wants nothing but the truth

Mother-and-baby homes: Ireland wants nothing but the truth, All these institutions are linked and leaving any out will only tell us one thing — the State still doesn’t want the truth to come out.
Mother-and-baby homes: Ireland wants nothing but the truth,As anybody campaigning for justice on any issue here will tell you, the terms of reference for any investigation are everything. After all the platitudes about truth and transparency fade from newspapers and airwaves, what you are left examining is the small print of what will and what will not be open for inquiry and investigation.?1964/2014? - See more at:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Challenging corruption, cronyism, and criminal cover-ups..

 ..and encouraging openness, transparency and justice in Irish institutions

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Department of Justice review into numerous claims of Garda misconduct has been described as meaningless by one of the families whose complaint it is examining.
Lucia O’Farrell, whose son Shane, 23, was killed in a hit and run in 2011, said there is a conflict of interest because the review of how gardaĆ­ handled his case will be overseen by the barrister who represented her son’s killer in the subsequent trial.
She has written to Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald to say it is “totally unfair” that Conor Devally has been appointed as one of two senior counsel overseeing the review.
There will be five junior counsel on the seven-person panel, which will examine 220 allegations of Garda misconduct.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

 """Unbelievably, the last of these asylums was closed only in 1996."?SOCIAL CLASS AND ECONOMICS PLAYED A LARGE PART IN WHO WAS SENT TO THESE INSTITUTIONS,THEN AND NOW?""

Forgotten families

I have always wondered why it was that those who worked the hardest all their lives could end up in a paupers grave?

PERSONAL EFFECTS: a history of possession – Alan Counihan Visual Artist

PERSONAL EFFECTS: a history of possession – Alan Counihan Visual Artist?A great cultural richness is to be found within this material that might tell us much about ourselves and about our society?THEN AND NOW?
- See more at:
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