Wednesday, September 26, 2012


WHAT IF?: ""Be what you are and not what i would have you be,for the you that i want ,would not be you but a stranger to me and all i hold true,for their are none better than you are now or could ever hope to be ,fortune shines on those who are themselves and not the “PROJECTED IMAGE”of the desires of others."?"

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Monday, September 24, 2012

How is E.U Law superior to Irish domestic Law? -

How is E.U Law superior to Irish domestic Law? - "Basically, Irelands membership of the EU means that the Union can make laws that apply in Ireland even when they havnt been passed by the dail (article 29.4.19 of the constitution)

Where there is conflict between Irish and EU law, EU law always prevails. Even regarding the constitution.
Laws made by the EU may automatically become part of Irish law wihtout need for incorporation by the Oireachtas.?

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Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union: "The rights of the child

1.   Children shall have the right to such protection and care as is necessary for their well-being. They may express their views freely. Such views shall be taken into consideration on matters which concern them in accordance with their age and maturity.

2.   In all actions relating to children, whether taken by public authorities or private institutions, the child's best interests must be a primary consideration.

3.   Every child shall have the right to maintain on a regular basis a personal relationship and direct contact with both his or her parents, unless that is contrary to his or her interests."?

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