Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well werent we a lucky little country we found people interested enough in the "PUBLIC INTEREST"before they were struck down by some mysterious ailment?Brendan Howlin and Jim Higgins instead of been berated should have been given honoury doctorates of law for their determination in exposing what is the biggest scandal of the abuse of power.I hope all these tribunals are the litmus to "ENCOURAGEINGCHANGE"in a country where money is god and power corrupts.Maybe just maybe the young and not the[grey haired men]in the form of sociology student"Sinead Pembroke"will help bring about that change.The public at large havent a clue what goes on in the field of the "LEGAL SYSTEM"It is the mandrins in the department of [justice?]and elsewhere who know whats true or false.Read the late judge Kinlens last report .As for myself by the time i meet the likes of the Sinead Pembrokes of this world i will probably be suffering with a serious cognitive IMPAIRMENT.slan.
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