Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daingean: Minister describes steps to uncover abuse in 1960s

Daingean: Minister describes steps to uncover abuse in 1960s
Hi richard bruton did you read cormac o keeffes article on our
luxury prison conditions?The cohorts that reside there[brian purcells words]could be defined as a group of people from a particular background who are part of a clinical trial or study[social engineering]who have been observed over a very long
period of time.If you go to the internet site"public inquiry"[irish corruption]under the following headings"whos watching the watchers"unanswere questions"be very afraid"
WHATS NEW"you will see the "stupid"cohorts are now watching the watchers.Some may have passed on but others havent,it is now time for real change in the public and civil service.If society{the ruleing class]does not want to repeat its shameful past,which is only showing its effects today.Does diaramuid martin still want a debate[forum]on the real true causes of crime.slan

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

champion of change

Hi hope to move from "public inquiry"irish corruption to this new site called"ENCOURAGE CHANGE"my name is padd o connell what i hope to write [or rant]about can be seen on public inquiry under the following headings"whos watching the watchers"unanswered questions"be very afraid"whats new"i thought it appropiate on the day of the release of the morris report and also the day a new government is been formed.slan
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