Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost Children In The Wilderness: Minister To Announce Garda Whistleblower System

Lost Children In The Wilderness: Minister To Announce Garda Whistleblower System

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encourage change said...

The trauma of serving as the involuntary instrument of anothers death[turning a blind eye]which seems to have brought about the new
garda siochana"whistleblowers charter"Also its about time politicians stood up and be counted when they are made aware of abuses of power.In todays media it is stated party leaders normally hesitate to criticise judges or the state for fear of undermining such institutions in the eyes of the public.Eamonn Gilmore in an interview says Judge Morris seems to have little understanding of aspects of the dail?It is not surpriseing half the country dont understand aspects of how the judicery or politicians operate.For instance we all know that government ministers garda drivers are exempt from the law,rules,and regulations of the road,But the public at large dont know what other exemptions apply to gardi in relation to the laws that are doled out to the ordinary public by those same gardi.Oh for a perfect world Brian Lenihan,louis Walsh etc etc"Colin farrell[phone]and even Ivor brown[god bless him]are allowed get away with breaking the rules of the road,these people can well afford to employ a chauffer,fines,barristers,solicitors,the ordinary joe soap cant,yet it is the ordinary joe soap who will be dragged through the legal system the most.I hope the new whistle blowers charter is as useless as the dublin city councils charter,anyone who has used that avenue to make a complaint will know what im talking about[time will tell]slan.

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