Monday, June 2, 2008

Is the ireland of yesteryear truly gone?

How can a stranger who makes decisions on other peoples lives imply they know what they are going through unless they have experienced the other persons problems themselves?A good example of that would be the story dermot bolger wrote in the irish daily mail about a man[human being]Peter Tyrrell who set himself on fire in 1967 in despair at trying to highlight the abuse he suffered in irish institutions.His plight has been ignored by those with the power to do something about it,as mr bolger states in his story the sense of trust and selfworth was beaten out of him by his lifes experience.A book has been written "founded on fear"after forty years of his life story been ignored by the elite holy joes in his own country,the up standing citizens in so called high places where those in authority got away with evil deeds they publicly condemned and the mass media were complicit in that abuse and corruption that was allowed carry on unchecked as we can see today for over sixty years.Secrecy was god then and still is, again as Peter Bolger states people dident want to know about the Peter Tyrrells of this world he wasent beleived and those that did beleive him couldnt find a way to put it into print so it has taken forty one years for his life to be given a voice which was supressed and ignored by official ireland of the day.As i say on another site"sprit 2008"Forgotten families"they will never be forgotten.

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