Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daingean: Minister describes steps to uncover abuse in 1960s

Daingean: Minister describes steps to uncover abuse in 1960s
Hi richard bruton did you read cormac o keeffes article on our
luxury prison conditions?The cohorts that reside there[brian purcells words]could be defined as a group of people from a particular background who are part of a clinical trial or study[social engineering]who have been observed over a very long
period of time.If you go to the internet site"public inquiry"[irish corruption]under the following headings"whos watching the watchers"unanswere questions"be very afraid"
WHATS NEW"you will see the "stupid"cohorts are now watching the watchers.Some may have passed on but others havent,it is now time for real change in the public and civil service.If society{the ruleing class]does not want to repeat its shameful past,which is only showing its effects today.Does diaramuid martin still want a debate[forum]on the real true causes of crime.slan


padd o connell said...

Fr.dr.Eoin Cassidy from the irish commission for justice and social affairs wonders why violent crime which he says much of which is hidden from public scrutiny is now so much a serious social issue.He wonders as to the theories on who or what to blame for the causes of crime in todays society.We should put in place he says PRACTICAL support services for parents,the BEDROCK of society,TACKLE inequalities that can lead a particular"CLASS"to perceive themselves as outsiders in their own society.Very interesting i thought to myself when you recall the speeches of some if not all of our political leaders and masters.John Bruton who was committed to restoring trust in the political system,the government he stated without blushing must go about its work without excesses or extravagance and as TRANSPARENTLY as if working behind a pane of glass this was during the Brendan Smyth scandal?If father Cassidy wants to investigate why society is so violent and devided he might like to start with all the tribunals that were created by those who held the levers of power since the foundation of the state.Rember the beef tribunal?The "PLAYERS"the leave it to the junior counsel brigde?Certain conduct by a certain CLASS of people was deemed by a likeminded class of professionals not to constitute conduct unbecoming of a legal eagle?Likewise in other cases of well heeled well connected citizens who at the drop of a hat can get the leader of the country to make serious "REPRESENTATIONS"on their behalf to get them out of an"OPEN"prison.Even court clerks were involved?Would that happen for the kids from the inner city?Maybe fr.Cassidy could put that question to Judge Yvonne Murphy.Because the only time people from workingclass areas get such a chance is when they come before judges,there is very little chance of ever socialesing with them.So until such time that change will ever happen the working class will always be prison fodder.Encouragement and change of Environment are the only solutions to tackle the true and real causes of crime.

padd o connell said...

It appears that Brian Cowen wants his party f.f.to change their old ways and become more socially inclusive in order to "ENCOURAGE"community support,activism and move away from selfish materialism.[so says john lee of the irish mail on sunday]he aso says that Mr Cowen is anxious to conduct a rapid overhaul of his partys IMAGE.Mr Cowen will outline his homespun vision of a socially inclusive Ireland where communities care for the most vulnerable in society.HE WILL TELL HIS TD!s,TO PROJECT HIS MESSAGE THAT IRELAND MUST MOVE AWAY FROM MATERIALISM AND SELF_INTEREST.?HE Mr COWEN is a huge admirer of the late Sean lemass whos shock resignation in 1966,led to years of infighting and eventually led to c,j,haughey taken over the fianna fail [republican]party.Now apparently one Niall Mulvihill was an election agent for George Colley?I have always wondered what way society would be today if George Colley was elected taoiseach.It has been proven by all the tribunals that the ruleing class took their eye off the proverbial social ball in order to enrich their fat-cat friends with the result we have now what has always been called a workingclass criminal underworld.So go ahead Brian and your well paid advisors and quote the mantra "its not all about whats in your pocket ,its about whats in your heart"slan

padd o connell said...

Matters of Public Intrest?
Definitions Interpretations and Precedents?EU law as a source of
irish law and other international
conventions and obligations.
ACCOUNTABILITY,OPENNESS?So at last we are going to see change?A 19th century law is going to be used by a politician Gary Fitzgerald to initiate prosecutions against rogue bankers?Under the indictable offences act.1849 every indivdual has the right to start a criminal prosecution.It is the responsibility of the accuser to set out a prima facie case.At this point ,according to an article in the irish daily star the dpp must continue with the prosecutions and can only stop the case "for good reasons"and after the fullest "consideration".Mr Fitzgerald is quoted as saying "I am prepared to exercise my rights as a citizen and bring a private criminal prosecution,and there is a precedent for this type of thing[the mahon tribunal]?was originally instigated by two concerned citizens who felt "the authorities"had failed to prosecute breaches of criminal law.To learn more about the lack of the authorities in carrying out their lawful duties and obligations,go to encouragechange@delicious.com.or at Digg.com.

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