Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This post is for the attention of ARCHBISHOP DIARMUID MARTIN "in nomine patris et filii et spiritus santi"and in memory of the late Tony Gregory who when asked what do you think of the medias depiction of criminals and crime said about one particular journalist I dont like a lot of the stuff he writes nowadays ,he made a series about [cab]which i thought wasthe"greatest" load of crap i've ever seen.i dont like the distortion of historically important"socially important"developments.He also reminded his readers that councillors simply "did"not represent the interests of disadvantaged communities as when finegael/labour gained power in the 1980s they set about undoing gregorys programme for government.So whats the difference between the riffraff criminal workingclass useing threats to get what they want and say the sheriff with a possee of gardi when goods are to be seized from a family run businness for a debt the family cant afford to pay at a particular time?Thug making legitimate living threatening bussiness people"viper dept recovery services ltd"is at present out the door with work in times of economic downturn and recession?Different strokes for different folks,It is alleged that the late P.Rocca in 2001 turned up at the offices of someone that owed him money to collect his dept bringing with him a thick-set man in a black leather jacket .during the encounter its alleged mr.rocca lost his temper and shouted demanding money or cheque.The man in the black jacket a [croatian]turned to the debtor and rubbed his head telling him he had a lovely head for a bullet.I will find your wife and children by the weekend it took three years of legal process for the case against the croatian to be struck out?But for the grace of god go I.slan

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