Saturday, September 20, 2014

ECAN bulletin issue 23, June 2014 3
Brinsford: A prison of filth and failure
Following a damning report by HMInspectorate of Prisons (23 April), ChiefInspector Nick Hardwick named Brinsfordprison as the worst prison he has comeacross during his tenure. Responding to thereport, Chief Executive of the HowardLeague Frances Crook said
“This report
should also be a wake-up call formagistrates who need to stop sendingteenagers to dangerous and failing
 and should instead make useof robust and effective communitysentences run by probation services and
available in their local areas”
. The reportfinds higher rates of self-harm than otherprisons, unsafe arrival procedures, and 15out of an earlier 18 recommendations still tobe met

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