Sunday, September 28, 2008

a corrupt society

just finished reading the thoughts of archbishop diarmuid martin in the sunday irish mail quote"the new globalised nature of the economy requires new international structures to combat irresponsible behaviour the public at large should try and get their hands on john buckleys comptroller and auditor generals report 2007,they should also follow whats going on in f.a.s.?then you have fr.brian darcy thinking in print that the family unit is vital to our society,he goes on to say he was never comfortable being part of a society where big business,money and powerful institutions bullied the individual?fr.brian goes on to quote a mr.clifford longley who questions the powers that are given to certain sections in society to be used against other sections of society [mainly the working class,my quote]he speaks about family breakdown in modern society and says it is so deep-rooted that the very basic values and beliefs of society have to be questioned and "CHANGED".Now those two stories got me thinking of a man fr.brian would know very well,and who i had the good fortune to meet myself he was Bryan Henry Kelly .NUJ.and he worked in the sunday world this was in 1986,we hadent got the mahon tribunal at that time so the advice Brian gave me then would sound very hollow today,but im more than shure a lot of journalists knew what was going on at that time in so-called respectable circles,it took a brave and honest journalist Joe macAnthony twelve years previous to expose what really went on,but what happened to him for writing the truth?How many of his collegues had been turning a blind eye in order to keep their own places in society?Anyhow Bryan felt at that time that what i was trying to do contravened certain laws,rules,and regulations,which are there for EVERYONE to obey.He went on to explain to me about the natural law of greed cum the history of supply and demand,he said he was sorry for been so "pessimistic"but he did give me practical help at that time.I also brought this problem to fr.peter mcverry.Now to the present day and what Brian darcy wrote about the family unit been vital in society,my family has been fractured because there is no help with a medical condition that is very frightening to my adult children,plenty of so called professionals are aware of our plight but have also ignored it.So the question is should i or my family have empathy with others who find themselves in crisis?I will leave that question to fr brian darcy and diarmuid martin,while they ponder the question"whats wrong in modern society"slan.

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