Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is the irish judiciary a reflection of todays society.

Read an interesting story in todays irish daily mail,what made it interesting was the author would not print their name[irish daily mail reporter]maybe because the subject was about the most powerful institution in this state the[judiciary]?Many moons ago a mark smith wrote about solicitors"a law unto themselves"this was when ray burke promised the public a solicitors amenment bill,there was also talk about an ombudsman for the legal profession,the dir.general of the law society that time noel ryan said it was unfair to single out solicitors"why isent the whole judicial system subject to such a remit"?not only do the irish judiciary need to be shaken up but the constitution as well.have the public ever quired irish legal practice under our constitution/for example bearing in mind the present debacle over the lisbon treaty,since 1922 ireland has been governed under a written constitution-embodying the principle of judicial review legislation.but where a civil servant in any department had been authorised in accordance with law to "AUTHENTICATE"a ministers seal,and an order signed by him omitted to say he was so AUTHORISED,is or was the VALIDITY therof affected?what is the ordinary joe soaps expectations of OUR constitution,laws ,legislation,etc.So will we ever get a more inclusive legal system.maybe the riff raff of society[the working class]should take a trip over to the law library tomorrow night 19/9/ see how our lordships think about those from less-advantaged backgrounds.IS IT TIME FOR CHANGE?


padd o connell said...

Maybe todays society is a reflection of the judiciary?I may be wrong on this but from 1937"constitution"to 1961 is it true that judges then were not appointed by a president?art.35 material facts art.38-40.the high court 1939/42.supreme court 1942/ is stated that in order for judges to be given authority he or she had to be appointed according to our constitution by the president of the day.

padd o connell said...

I wont be able to make it to the law library tonight.
But if anyone from the legal profession happens to come across this site could they inform our lordships that since the foundation of this state the legal system has more than been unequal,bias,and class discrimnotery.As an investigative journalist"Joe mac Anthony"once said in relation to the irish legal system 'there is a process to which EVERYONE is subject?whether they are rich poor or beggar,unquote.But if this was truly the case we would not have all the tribunals that had to be established to investigate corruption.It has always been as i say on other sites,prison for the working class"courts"tribunals for the well heeled and connected.Why wasent the courts used?If they had been the country would not,be in the crisis it is in[3billion].Instead of blameing the no vote on the lisbon crisis why not blame the tribunals that have cost untold millions.slan

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