Friday, August 14, 2009

Google Reader - encouragechange's shared items

Google Reader - encouragechange's shared items: "ok gav if you are the boss then do whats in your heart ,thanks for allowing me to troll for so long.i am not philip sheedy nor would i want to be ,once its not the powers that be who are forcing your hand your decision is fine by can if your honest about truth and justice probably start an online advocacy relating to social justice you know the kind i mean,fair play,fair procedures,natural justice,THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD, can you go off topic if it relates to life?and life starts from when your born and what experiences you have on your journey to the next life,hence as you say i have in your opinion gone off topic,but the topic is and has always been about life and how a persons life experience is crucial to how they and their family unit turn out in whats known as “society”and the society i see not just in working class communities but from the top down is if bishop martin wants to do something about the causes of crime he should start at the top.its one thing been oppressed most of your life its another when your oppressors try and write your one former garda commissioner once said “THE PERCEPTION IS MORE SERIOUS THAN THE ACTUALITY”is it?slan"

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