Friday, August 28, 2009

Public Inquiry · What’s new?

Public Inquiry · What’s new?: "yeagh all the laws are made for the little people,you dont need brains to do what all those people did who created all the modern day tribunals,u just need low friends in high places,"the i did nothing wrong brigade",it shows courts and prison for the lower classes,tribunals for those in power and the well connected,there might be a tribunal set up to find out why it is that the prisons since the foundation of the state is only bursting at the seems with those from a working class background,{the causes of crime}is in fact socially engineered,if u check out watching the watchers,and then do an audit over the past sixty,seventy years you will find a connection between todays prison population and all those who were victims of abuse in institutions in this state all those years ago,like wise if u do the same audit on the rulers of times gone by you will find the same names cropping up again and again up to this present day,and its about time someone put a stop to it,i have done my part before i kick the bucket,and hope ex judge kinlan is not prevented from doing his,slan"

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