Monday, May 4, 2009

Deaforward Advocacy Issues

M.G.september 2004.?Now may 2009?Keeping Us In The Dark.

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padd o connell said...

White collar crime has taken on a new meaning since the judge Ryan report on all kinds of abuse.Nobody either in or with"AUTHORITY" wants to accept responsibility,accountability,or liability?In other words pass the buck and nobody in the professions will be arrested,charged,or sent to prison.All these institutions where our courts send the most vulnerable
working-class kids are not for us "elite"no we run the show.We cant be named or exposed like the riff-raff from working class backgrounds.So let me see in todays news is an article of a court case been taken by Sean Mc Carthy a retired engineer who alleges that gardi belittled him,he said he was stopped because he was suspected of importing a car without paying vrt,he asked the gardi to contact two named gardi in blanchardstown who would know him he said they just laughed and belittled him saying get out and walk.He Even Asked Them To Contact The Then Min.for Justice Brian Lenihan's local political office where he would be known,but they took his car and contents instead.Mr Mc Carthy is quoted as saying"all i believed about gardi was being shattered before my eyes,my whole trust was been taken away,they robbed from me,they stole from me,they stole my trust in all the gardi i had trusted for 60 years.Counsel for the gardi intend to give a different version of events,The case continues.As will the debate of who knew what and did nothing about it the contents of the ryan report.I put an ad in the phoenix magazine in feb 1991 a lot of people know a lot of things that went on in this country over many many years and choose to turn a"BLIND EYE"because it dident affect their little cushy fifidom or because they were a part of that is what Brian Lenihan had to say in reply to a question relating to abuse"changes in boundaries of garda divisions since 1996 has"IMPEDED"the search for "THIS"correspondence,investigation files will be submitted to law officers[look what happened to harry whelehan].After the publication of the ryan report is this kind of buck passing acceptable in this day and age?I got a member of the dail to ask a question in relation to abuse in a certain school and what was the outcome of the complaints and garda investigation?question 720 written 12th april 2005,Mr Mc Dowell in answer said "i can inform the deputy that i cannot trace any report within "MY"department from information supplied by the deputy.However,if the deputy can supply any further details ,i will look at the matter again?Question 248 written answer on 12/4/2005,this was addressed to the min,of state at the dept of health and CHILDREN[mr.lenihan]Reply,as the dupty will be aware the ehb was dissolved on establishment of the erha,and the area health boards and these bodies were in turn dissolved on the establishment of the health service executive.The health act 2004 provided for hse ,which was established on 1th january 2005.Under the act ,the excutive has responsibility to manage[administrative}and deliver ,or arrange to be delivered on its behalf,health and personal social services.This includes responsibility for "CHILD"welfare issues.Accordingly,my department has requsted the chief officer of the health services executive,eastern regional area to investigate the matter raised and to reply directly to the deputy.Michael Flanagan's brother Kevin said his mother went to a local td who outlined in dail eireann in 1954 what was happening to her son and that his father Joseph "DEMANDED"an inquiry,BUT NOTHING EVER HAPPENED?Has anything changed since then,only time will tell.

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