Friday, May 22, 2009

Unanswered questions at Public Inquiry

Unanswered questions at Public Inquiry

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padd o connell said...

Is there a duty of care to alleged "volunteers?"from my experience i dont think so,when someone has given many years to something they truly belived in and in the course of their education had to take a placement in a place, which is obvious the head staff in same place were not qualified enough to see or notice that a volunteer was showing emotional behaviour symptoms because of the work they were assigned too and was illprepared"for" and who became apprehensive and extremely anxious and ended up emotionally,physically,and mentally exausted in a situation where the abused became the abusers "in an emotional sense".the duty of care became non existence,that was left to the family unit.And like the quote"suffer little children"You can also add suffer in silence"volunteer"with your family.

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