Monday, May 25, 2009

Former Education Ministers 'not made aware' of abuse

In sept 1993 two boys were said to have,made, allegations against a school worker in st josephss school for deaf boys cabra,the allegation was of a sexual nature and was described by a dectective garda as being did not advise the worker of the full details until march 1995.Prior to this allegation the worker had taken action against these same boys in relation to their history of sexual activity the worker furnished management with written reports describing this including one which described how these two boys took part in attempted rape of one other boy,but to no avail.This boy did not recive councelling of any kind after his ordeal and his parents were not informed.During a garda inquiry on a later date management failed to produce these reports.when the worker disclosed this fact that he had the reports countersigned by two staff members,these reports emerged.The worker had accused management off gross negligence in allowing a catalogue of serious incidents to have happened,due in part to lack of all-night supervision.these incidents included the attempted rape of one boy,the attempted sodomy of one boy,the attempted suiside of on boy,the attempted rape of a staff member and numerous incidents of sexual activity among boys.further to this groups of boys were able to view in comfort hard pornographic video films after hours in,unattended classrooms.The worker had received reports from two sets of parents alleging that their sons had been sexually assaulted,further to this the worker had received a report from a boy that another boy was alleged to have been sexually assaulted,these allegations were made against a brother/teacher and brother/manager and were repeated by the boys involved.Haven taken advice the worker expressed concern regarding an alarming rate of these allegations to the eastern health board,the worker was not personally interviewedby them.The worker had escorted a group of boys to the garda station for the purpose of instructing them on how to make a complaint against another person,it became widely known that the worker had done this.some time after this the brother/manager advised the worker of the above allegations that was made against him but did not go into details,the worker became involved in a garda inquiry and was coopperativ,the brother/manager then dismissed the worker for what he described as a "BREACH OF CONFIDENTIALITY"the worker is certain this was constructive dismissal in an effort to protect the name of the school.the worker is certain that the brother/manager steered a garda inquiry in a way that would discredit the worker and this would protect himself and others from embarrassment or investigation.The worker objected strongly to the persons chosen to record and document details of allegations made against boys and brothers during a garda inquiry because of their relationships with the brother/manager and with the school,the worker has objected also to the fact that a personal notebook containing details of allegations made against boys and brothers was not returned to him.Since the workers dismissal he has learned that the two boys who made allegations against him have been involved in further incidents of alleged sexual activity and that management did not explain to him the details of an incident in which he was to have been involved,nor did they ask for his account of that incident.The worker heard details of these allegations for the first time five months later when he was forced to engage a solicitor for this reason,details of these allegations as explained to him by a dective garda some months later.The worker recived a series of threatening and intimidating letters from brother/manager,the worker requested his solicitor to arrange to have all letters redirected tonhis office.At a meeting in which my solicitor and i were present the brother /manager attempted to characterise him with malicious statments,his solicitor cautioned him in relation to this attempt,When the worker took over the running of the unit he was aware of its long history of complaints regarding sexual abuse ,he was also aware that a christian brother had been removed from the school ,the worker was apprenhesive and was offered a once off payment ,he never recived this payment.At this time the director of"CARE"requsted that the worker sign a contract which he handed him,on reading the confidentiality secetion of the contract the worker found it to be too rigid in light of recent events,he did not sign the contract.He reported all new allegations of sexual abuse to the director of"CARE"he was aware that the director is an ex-christian brother.The worker inquired of a member of the schools parents council as to why none of their members had any input into the boarding section of the school,he was left to understand that one member did have to withdraw when it became known that her son and a christian brother were alleged to have been sexually involved.He inquired of the national association for the deaf as to the possibility of pupils contacting their social worker should they have any problems.He was advised that this would not be within the organisations brief.This organisation opperates from a building which is owned by the school and is situated within the same grounds and has an operational relationship with the brother/manager of the school.The worker on hearing of hid dismissal his union representative enquired of the management as to the reason for this ["breach of confidentiality]was the reason given.having chosen not to act on the workers written and verbal reports over a period of"TWO YEARS"management were negligent and allowed this type of sexual activity to continue,having chosen to suppress countersigned reports written by the worker to management were at fault and displayed dishonesty,therefore he feels that it is unfair that he should become a convenient victim of "RANK LOYALTY"PREJUDICE"INDOCTRINATION"and above all a"SCAPEGOAT"for the management of the school.end.To quote TerryMc Geehan"agents of the state were in active"COLLUSION"with management of these hellholes,either through"WILFUL"negligence or theough laziness and"INDIFFERENCE"?Maybe Michael Mc Dowell will revisit that"indifference"Question 720 april,05.And Mr Lenihan Question 248 April 05.Also Ms Mary Durack"commission to inquire into child ABUSE"who said in correspondence my comments have been noted on the commissions terms of reference.?Hope Mr,McGeehan noted all my hand delivered correspondence over the years.Also to quote Niamh Bhreathnech"If You Were A Pupil In Cabra Then I Would Say"MY BEST WASENT GOOD ENOUGH"Who else does this quote apply to?Then they wonder why there is deep social problems,as one letter writer said in a newspaper"What,the people in ballymun have to"ENDURE"were CREATED by an oblivious,callus,state policy bent on segregating different citizens[apartheid]workingclass from middle class.I suppose it can be defined as ruleingclass"HYPOCRISY".

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