Friday, May 22, 2009

Singer Don names priest who turned a blind eye - National Ne

SINGER and musician Don Baker, who suffered at the hands of the Oblate Brothers, has publicly named the cleric who did nothing to stop his abuse.It wasent only the clergy and brothers who turned a blind eye to the abuses exposed in the judge ryan report.The judges,lawyers,in fact all professionals are guilty.The upper[middleclass]mass going uncareing self serving so called elite were in fact carrying out social engineering against the working classes,this was all been done in the name of irish society through the courts.What does that say about our constitution,even now they[professionals]are fighting like cats and dogs to try and apportion blame for the disgust felt around the world.If you want to carry on in Gods name make shure it is the God Martin Luter King believed in, as his God seems a better dream worldwide.

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