Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gilder Lehrman Center: Sources: A conversation with six De L

The Religious And The State In Relation To The Judge Ryan Report;Did They Both Conspire To Use The Alleged Crimes Of Children As A Form Of Social Control?To Quote Susan O'Keeffe"many of the abused were poor without influence or who were not connected to the so-called pillars of the community,priests,politicians,gardi,[the three p's,my quote]they could complain but nobody listened[terry prone jerry ryan etc,etc,etc,].It is no accident that the most vulnerable children are pryed on[grey haired men,my quote]on.The ones with no support systems the"VOICELESS" has also been stated that the ryan commission was put under enormous pressure to be committed to keeping secret the identity of the evil abusers,and that those commitments were kept in this report in full?But i hope that not the end of this issue,on behalf of working class children[who could not read or write at that time]i would like to know the many judges,politicians,gardi,priests,etc got their education from the christian brothers?How many ex-brothers became judges,politicians etc,how many ex-brothers became barristers,solicitors etc,how many ex-brothers became prison officers,cival servants,how many of them worked in the legal system,dept of justice,dpp's office many of the know nothing party are in the inner circle of legal advocates who give legal advice to the reglious legal adviisory commission?It is questions and necessary answers like this that would be the TRUE reasons judge ryan bowed to the enormous pressure[talked about] to continue the culture of secrecy in irish authority.The second part of this post was meant for a different topic"Sean Mc Carthy stated I believ the state would have CRUSHED us[his wife]if i hadent the financial POWER to fight back?And that my dear readers says it all.

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