Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soapbox Ireland: Royston Brady: 'I don't believe the Taoisea

Funny things these elections you have people you dont know from adam filling your letterbox with a load of rubbish,and if you happen to speak to any of them they also talk a load of rubbish.I had one such conversation with Royston Brady,their diary may be filled with your concerns and complaints,but after the count you never see or hear from them again until another election comes along.The workingclass have been treated like fools since the foundation of the state.Example the people who do the real work in society[including volunteers]are either paid peanuts or nothing at all while the well connected incompetents are paid thousands.Is it any wonder the mess the country is in?But those that have it that way are well looked after.Are the ordinary joe soaps missing something here?

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