Thursday, July 2, 2009

Order of Business: 1 Jul 2009: Seanad debates (

Order of Business: 1 Jul 2009: Seanad debates ( "Two compelling presentations were made at yesterday’s meeting of the Joint Committee on Health and Children. The first, given by the Ombudsman for Children, has been mentioned by Senator Fitzgerald. In this regard, the Seanad should be recalled when the Minister of State with responsibility for children deals with the report of the Ryan commission. It is not good enough that the House would be in recess. How will we deal with that important document and what is the Minister of State’s implementation plan to help the thousands of people who have been abused by the religious orders? Can the recall be arranged? It does not seem like it would be a big deal for us to discuss the report in the Chamber. It will be the most important report dealt with by the House this year.
The name of our country has been sullied. Around the world, Ireland is identified in a way contrary to the beautiful image of kind, friendly, charming and sociable people. Our religious orders abused thousands of children. Every country in the world knows about us. I am asking for an emergency recall of the Seanad for when the Ryan report is being dealt with by the Minister of State.
Yesterday, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, ISPCC, made a compelling statement calling for 24-hour social services for children. It raised this point often. Since becoming a Member, how often have I asked for a 24-hour service for children?"TRIBUNALS HAVE COST HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS,BUT AS THE SUPREME COURT HAS STATED IN RELATION TO THE MAHON TRIBUNAL"IT DOES NOT IMPOSE PUNISHMENTS OF ANY SORT"?????????????

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