Thursday, July 9, 2009

Public Inquiry · Be very afraid

Public Inquiry · Be very afraid: "Thought i would hop on to public inquiry for one last rant.Its about empathy and indifference in relation to crime.Two[of the many]tragic deaths in limerick two different responses.I can only imagine
that the sentments of Fr.Pat Hogan and Fr.Joe Young of limerick would be “do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves”.To quote Joe Higgins again,if a vicious indifference toward fellow human beings characterises those who commit acts of savagery on our streets,it is a distorted reflection of the same contempt that drives the behaviour of many institutions and individuals who dominate society.unquote,Now the big picture Where was the horror anger outrage when a homelessman got crushed to death in a refuse lorry becaused he was forced by this society to sleep in a wheeliebin?Who brought his tragic death up in the Dail?Who held a minutes silence for his tragic soul?The big picture gets even bigger when dealing wit every aspect of the legal system.Witness intimidation,Bernard Kinsella done his “civic duty”but claims he was FORCED to give a witness statment,Forced to give evidence with the result he was left with no hope,no wife,no job,no home,no money,what he knew as a normal life is gone,he also said he was left out to dry by the state.On the other hand following on from”urlingford”you have an informant Kieran Boylan who seems to have been well looked after by certain “agents”of the state because of the “information”he possesses about the same state agents?And in the Dail as well as everywhere else that deals with security matters ,you cant get the idiotic grins and laughter off the faces of those who spout their rhetoric about crime.So before these self serving elite who try to manage the country start preaching to the public about Pa"

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