Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Public Inquiry · What’s new?

Public Inquiry · What’s new?: "at last and about time is refreshing to see that the crusade for justice and truth is comeing from the liberties in the form of father martin dolan of the saint nicholas of myra parish francis street dublin 8.this is one of many inner city parishes that have been neglected and abused in relation to constitutional and other rights for decades,fr.dolan states according to the gospel that”other people should be put first even if that means your personal reputation or position is at risk”he goes on to say ,people wont challenge one another and they wont point out what they see as wrong{TURNING A BLIND EYE}and thats PRECISELY what allowed all of this{ABUSE}to happen in the first should institutional arrogance or the establishment take precedent to an individuals rights?are ordinary citizens truly able to exercise their rights if they dont have the money to do so?to find that out you would have to break through the culture of secrecy this country is run on you wont find it in the national archives why?no the real serious problems like crime,health,etc take place behind closed doors.both are big money making rackets for the grey haired men.thats why the rights of certain citizens and classes are not taken seriously.if they were we would be able to find out who is responsible for certain decisions that are made that affect a family unit espically if that decision has a negative impact on that same unit.that is also why there is so many limitations and exemptions in our freedom of information legislation.these so called legislators and implementorsare masters at subventing their own acts?that is also why politicians and others who have something to hide put specfic clauses in its countries legislation,as the story goes the church keeps its flock in the dark on certain sensetive matters as do politi"

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