Thursday, July 9, 2009

Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?

Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?: "nequality has a lot to do with the causes of crime,so does the past and social enginerring{i have always called it the grey haired man syndrome}it is quite obveious that all the alleged experts who have squendered millions on the irish legal system havent a clue what they are doing as todays crime rates will show, more than lightly the same people and their extended family and friend are still running the show that were there in the 1960s,as i said in my correspondence to frank clarke {now judge clarke}compare is the key word when it comes to equality,i probably gave him as many documents as i gave emily o reilly ombudsman,to what avail i will probably never know{what do u think ms terry prone?}as for the integrity of politicians every political party heard from me over the years and all those i was led to beleive that were honest when i was a child turned out to be false,all we were thought in school about our superiors was also false, there are very few alice leahys{trust}or christine nobles i this country{isent that right brian farrell ex r t e}ego and image is the false gods of our time,so i hope to bump into some of these experts on crime and the causes of crime to explain my logic against their ideology which hasent worked since the foundation of the state,i was reminded that sean lemass was a stand in min for just,oct\nov 1964 and des o malley 1970\73as well,so my quiries are from june 1964 to dec 1981 which would mean nameing other min for just,paddy cooney,gerry collins,jim mitchell,there is supposed to be gaps in the data collection in relation to youth justice i would to hrar what sean aylward has to say on that matter ,and also was judge eileen kennedys lost report ever found and is there a copy of it anywhere,the ironic thing is she herself sente"HOW WILL LISBON MARK TWO CHANGE A FAMILIES UNITS LIVES?MAYBE THOSED TASKED ON THE REFERENDUM COMMISSION CAN TELL US,WILL OR CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER OR WORSE?WILL IT DO AWAY WITH FAVOURITISM,CRONYISM,DISCREMINATION,NEPOTISM?

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