Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?

Public Inquiry · Who’s watching the watchers?: "the word impartiality keeps cropping up by people like me who feels they were persecuted over many many years.but when you read that denis o brien feels the same people like me dont know wheather to laugh or cry.he made a statment”Hiding documentation is a very.very serious and a {new low}in the way tribunals WORK in this country.Does he honestly not know that it is the culture of the so called professionals to treat the majority of the {lower class}in this undemocratic way?no matter how serious or minor their issues are.It is just as well that mr o brien has the means to hilight his personal grievances.He may have better luck in the european courts of human rights than i had useing the paupers route of the petition process that was a more serious matter that he now experiances.Mr o brian as far as im concerned hasent a notion about unfairness.bias.suppression.onesided vendettas.information fishing.hearsay.rumour.prejudice.As he says himself he will be reclaiming his expenditure from the state. but i and thousands like me cant and it not just financial”its the quality of life and health”that can never be replaced.the only thing wrong with the tribunals is they should have been heard in the high or circuit courts.The documents i delivered to harry whelehans home some years back may prove that .slan"

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